Why Palm Oil Ruins Our Health and Environment and How to Reduce the Intake of It

Living healthy is becoming a bigger and bigger priority for many of us. People are increasingly paying attention to the labels of the various supermarket products. In addition to the calorie content, it is important to read all the nutrition facts of a certain product. The market is flooded with multiple different products, the ads are attacking us from every corner, so it is very important to inform ourselves and select the best and healthiest products for us and our family.


So today we are going to talk more about palm oil and its effect on our health. It comes from the palm Elaeis guineensis, which is mainly found in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. The natural state of the oil is semi-solid and is called palm stearin, and the liquid state – palm oil. Today, the major manufacturers are Indonesia and Malaysia. There exactly, are created the largest palm oil plantations that provide 80% of the world’s yield. This, however, leads to the destruction of the flora in these regions, and even to the fauna – there is evidence that some species of orangutans are already threatened with extinction.

Palm oil is a cheap product compared to sunflower or coconut oil. It is widely used in the food industry – in the making of sweets, ice cream, soups, salads, bakery products, cheese, etc. It is even added to other oils in order to achieve a lower price for the final product. Another wide use of palm oil is in the cosmetics industry, pharmacy and even in the auto fuels. It has a yellow-orange color and people compare its taste to the one of pumpkin or carrot.
butter-1920670_1280The opinions about the benefits of palm oil are controversial – there are scientists who find it useful and others strongly deny it. Unfortunately, there is increasing evidence to suggest that it`s rather harming than useful. The palm oil contains saturated fatty acids that can not be processed by our body and lead to cholesterol degradation, cardiovascular problems, and weight gain. And even more – palm oil passed through a thermal treatment may be a carcinogen. Our body can not get rid completely of this fat and it causes clogging of the arteries, which therefore leads to heart attack and stroke. The reason is that the melting temperature of palm oil (above 50 degrees) is higher than the human temperature. That`s why it`s highly recommended to reduce or completely remove palm oils from our menu.

If you have a look at the labels, you would realize that you could hardly find biscuits, chocolates, waffles, salty, cakes and more without palm oil. And the best way to solve this problem is by preparing your own food and carefully selecting all the ingredients.

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread with NO Palm Oil

To help you in this adventure, we have prepared a recipe for peanut butter chocolate spread. NO palm oil, NO preservatives, NO added sugar. Let`s tell you the secret – this is 100% inspired by Reese`s chocolate spread. It`s simply addictive but contains so much sugar, preservatives, and palm oil… But we just love the taste and the idea, so we did it! Created our own GOOD Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread. Find the recipe by clicking the image aside.

Wishing you a wonderful and sunny day!

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