AROMA FORK – How to trick your senses by the power of different scents

Have you ever heard about the Aroma Fork?

Roasted chestnuts, gingerbread cookies, or freshly squeezed orange juice – aromas we could never confuse and will always increase our appetite.
Scents of food have a huge impact while choosing our meal. In fact, if a meal has a perfect look but bad smell, we most likely wouldn`t dare to try it at all. And here it comes the question – is that fact works the opposite way too?

Are we willing to try a gross meal if it smells delicious?! Well, the answer is: “YES!”

Out of all the five senses, the scent has the strongest connection to our emotions. It takes only 20 seconds for a fragrance to reach our limbic system, the system in charge of our emotions. That`s why the different aromas cause changes in our emotional state. We often make associations with people, places, or emotions.
What do you imagine when you feel the aroma of freshly made coffee, roast dinner, or a nice perfume?! Sometimes aromas take us to different “magical” world, don`t they?!

Thanks to the innovation AROMA FORK, we could enrich the flavor of food and make it taste better than ever.

AROMA FORK is invented by a Canadian company with the idea to challenge the scent receptors in a slightly different way. Our scent receptors are a way more sensitive than the taste ones. They can sense the finest aromas in the food, something that our tongue is incapable of.
Most of us usually focus on the taste of food and couldn`t really feel the finest notes. The AROMA FORK could open for us a door to a whole new world of flavors, aromas, and pleasure. ♥

On the market, you could find the fork paired with different essential oils or liquid capsules. You only need a single drop of the oil to unlock your senses and enhance your meal. Some of the most common aromas are truffles, coffee, herbs, smoke, chocolate, etc.. For the extremists, there`s also a multi-sensory program, where you could mix different scents and discover more and more.

What do you think? Is it possible to trick our brain and make it believe that we taste something when we only smell it? This could be a fun interactive game with friends or family. Transform your meal into a feast of flavors and lots of fun!

Indulge your senses! Enjoy life, and never stop trying new things! The real pleasure is just there!  🙂

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